How to build a $65b company, with Twilio Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Lawson


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48m · July 19, 2021

How to build a $65b company, with Twilio Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Lawson

Jeff Lawson is the co-founder and CEO of probably the biggest company we’ve ever had on the show, Twilio. Since its founding in 2008, Twilio has grown to 4,500 employees, annual revenue of $1.74 billion, and is valued at $65 billion. But how did Jeff get there? How do you build a company like Twilio? Key takeaways Learning how to start companies and how big companies work Reinventing yourself if you want to stay CEO Having difficult conversations IPOing on the day of the Brexit vote

  • 41:00 - how to cope with being an introvert and CEO. Plan ‘think weeks’ to do the work that energises you naturally. Write out what you need to think about and decide without the energy sapping day to day meetings getting in the way ❤️

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    This is such a great tip! I haven't quite worked out if I'm an introvert or an extrovert yet (I think I must be somewhere in-between!) But great advice nonetheless

    4 days ago·
  • 30:00 if you have a really difficult conversation to have don’t make it up on the fly. You must write it down and script it otherwise it will easily go off track

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  • @Sam really great story to listen 👏

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