Welcome to the death industry, with Farewill’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Garrett

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Welcome to the death industry, with Farewill’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Garrett

The only certainty in life is death (and taxes!) And yet the industry of death had remained largely unmodernised by the time Farewill was co-founded by Dan Garrett in 2015. “Out of 100, losing a spouse, or a parent or a best friend, is the 100 out of 100 worst thing you ever go through. And what a great funeral can do is bring back some of that connection that you have with someone.” Dan says that despite death affecting every single one of us it’s also historically lacked the kind of customer-centricity you see in great tech companies the world over. And that’s simply because we have a profoundly human aversion to talking about and thinking about death.  “When you're grieving, your amygdala, your hippocampus basically shuts down. It's really difficult for you to make decisions when you're dealing with grief. And you will just go to a high street funeral director and end up paying loads of money for something that you don't necessarily want.” Find out what innovation in the death industry actually looks like and the beautiful, personal things that people are doing with their wills and funerals. You might even get some inspo, if you can bear to think about it… Sponsor links: smithandwilliamson.com/secretleaders netsuite.com/secretleaders linkedin.com/secretleaders vanta.com/secretleaders


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