Les Brown Unlock Your Greatness Motivation Event Sudbury Ontario

1h 25m ·

Les Brown Unlock Your Greatness Motivation Event Sudbury Ontario

Description All NEW Les Brown - Unlock Your Greatness, Motivation Event Sudbury, Ontario 1.4K Likes 87,145 Views 2018 Dec 14 Hit SUBSCRIBE For More Motivation! - - - "Like many of you, my life wouldn't be the same without the motivation, inspiration and endless support I found listening to messages from Les Brown. Fast forward to now, as the CEO of Les Brown Global, I knew I had to do everything I could to bring the Legendary Motivational Speaker to my little hometown of Sudbury Ontario Canada. At the young age of 74, Mr. Brown made the long trek to my little hometown to bless us with a small, intimate presentation titled Unlock Your Greatness. Listen and enjoy as Les shares stories that leave you inspired, empowered and laughing every step of the way." - Alain Blais The one, the only, Les Brown live in Sudbury Ontario, Canada Audio Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7h4l3rfj3Ls


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