ThunderCats Roar (2020)

50m Β· September 18, 2021

ThunderCats Roar (2020)

This Saturday morning, Joseph and Chris watched ThunderCats Roar from 2020. This was suggested by hghsdkgngrngdfllnsh (or something like that) via Apple Podcasts. 1. First Episode: Exodus Part One (S1E01) 2. Highest Rated: Panthro Plagiarized (S1E07) 3. My Pick: Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living (S1E16) This upcoming Cartoon Network series centers around Lion-O and his wacky misadventures, as he tries to defeat the evil Mumm-Ra. VOTE for which cartoon we watch next: /> Grab some Nerd Sloth merch: /> Listen to each podcast episode as it airs! Apple Podcasts: /> Google Podcasts: /> Spotify: /> Stitcher: /> Join the Nerd Sloth crew! Facebook: /> Instagram: /> Twitter:


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