Rural Turnout

Meredith Bain

Rural Turnout

How is it that a New York City tycoon who has probably never held a bag of fertilizer in his life gained the overwhelming support of rural America? Simple: he made them feel heard. Many rural Americans felt left behind by the rest of the country, and he said he would do something about it. That’s the same trick every political canvasser worth handing a clipboard knows to do: make their points, but also make the voter feel heard, valued, and validated. That’s why face-to-face interactions are still the most effective way to talk to voters, even in the age of multi-million dollar TV ad buys and social media. The Rural Turnout Organization aims to make voters in rural America feel heard by the left, and in doing so, turn them out to vote for Democratic candidates. If Democrats hope to overcome the electoral advantages held by Republicans in rural areas, we must find ways to turn out voters in towns too small and too remote to be accessible from traditional canvassing offices. The alternative is winning an ever-larger share of the popular vote while consistently losing the Senate and the Electoral College. In our podcast, you'll find us (and a slew of backcountry guests) talking about rural outreach, trends in the progressive electoral space, and all things at the intersection of progressive politics and rural outreach. Be sure to subscribe, and if you'd like to support our work further, you can donate at


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