Born in Sarawak, rhymebo0k is a rapper, producer and singer/songwriter who creates a blend of Hip-Hop & R&B music in Malaysia. She began her journey writing songs at the tender age of 10 before she teamed up with her cousins to form “TruCkerDreelz” where she co-wrote and co-produced a 5-track independently released mixtape entitled “Rugged Companion” in 2004. Influenced by classic pop, R&B, grime and rock, rhymebo0k has always found a way to fuse her sound and style into any collaboration she has embarked on. Since 2006 as a solo artist, rhymebo0k prides herself on the ability to produce her own beats, to which she is able to fit her own style through the interpretation of the genres and sounds that have influenced her. Over the years to come, rhymebo0k steadily expanded her network and began collaborating with two independent Sarawakian artistes - Nutty Slicc and Sleezy Moss - in 2011. The trio founded 'The Unstoppable Inc.' and released two mixtapes - 'Dreams of Hope' (2011) and 'Borneo Gliders' (2012). 2013, saw the release of her first official solo album, 'Rhymebook' under Starrdome Music Group. With an eclectic array of sounds, ranging from Pop to R&B, hip hop to grime, rhymebo0k showed that she had something to offer everyone and featured a collaboration with multi-element band 'Swaiv' on the track “Across The Sea”. In the same year, her track “Cold Sweat” from the album was featured in 'Republic of Borneo', a compilation CD album published by 'Seventh Tribe' and her R&B track, “Shoulda Known Better” - featuring independent artistes - Son of Age and Swaiv's vocalist, Meryll Pearl - hit the airwaves through Red FM (Sarawak) and 104.5 CVFM (UK). And it didn’t stop there. The following year her song “Talk the Talk” - featuring Sleezy Moss - was nominated for 'Best Hip-Hop Song' at the VIMA Music Awards 2014 and included collaborations with now-famous B-Heart and Lawalah Familia’s Muariffah. After a three-year hiatus, 'The LOV Era' was released independently in November 2018. Fusing Hip-Hop with UK Grime, R&B and Dance music the album featured Son of Age and French Producer Alexander Weidner on a very dance-centric song, 'What's It Gonna Be?'. To further display her versatile ability and allow her fan-base insight into her psyche, 2019 sees rhymebo0k offering experimental releases through her ongoing mixtape, “The Riot Act” that includes ‘Hard Knock’ featuring A.Bob & Azreal (Gaok Records), ’Monochrome Tale’ and ‘Kick It For Two’ featuring Ixora & A.Bob, ‘Quake’ featuring Dean (Tanak Bihis) and most recently, her first solo of the year, ‘My Place’. Over on Social Media, rhymebo0k is also known for her 1-minute rap series of freestyles called “Mumblin' Monday” that can be found on her Instagram account @rhymebo0k.

  • Rhymebo0k - Jump To The Rhythm

    June 11, 2020

    Rhymebo0k - Jump To The Rhythm

  • Ragam Si Manusia feat. Napio Hatta

    October 5, 2019

    Ragam Si Manusia feat. Napio Hatta

  • Wades Clever

    October 5, 2019

    Wades Clever

  • Loyalty Card

    September 23, 2019

    Loyalty Card

  • Absurd

    September 23, 2019


  • Heated Pow

    September 23, 2019

    Heated Pow

  • Cum Inglorious

    September 19, 2019

    Cum Inglorious

  • Kick It For Two

    September 11, 2019

    Kick It For Two

  • Beat Rock

    September 11, 2019

    Beat Rock

  • My Place

    September 11, 2019

    My Place

  • Hard Knock - A.Bob, Azriel, rhymebo0k

    February 7, 2019

    Hard Knock - A.Bob, Azriel, rhymebo0k

  • Cheap Broker feat. Victoria & Ixora

    November 12, 2018

    Cheap Broker feat. Victoria & Ixora

  • Cocktails

    November 3, 2018


  • Yeh Ajeeb Bhaat Hai

    November 3, 2018

    Yeh Ajeeb Bhaat Hai

  • Take Me Away

    November 3, 2018

    Take Me Away

  • Like A Zombie

    November 3, 2018

    Like A Zombie

  • Stay Around

    November 3, 2018

    Stay Around

  • What's It Gonna Be

    November 3, 2018

    What's It Gonna Be

  • Give It To Ya

    November 3, 2018

    Give It To Ya

  • Turn The Table

    November 3, 2018

    Turn The Table


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