003: Navigating Medicare Coverage with Scott Hokanson

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003: Navigating Medicare Coverage with Scott Hokanson

Health insurance is one of the most confusing systems in America—and Medicare is rarely any easier to understand than the co-pays, deductibles, and other costs that people deal with before age 65. As great as it would be to transition seamlessly into Medicare coverage, few are able to do so without risking being partially uninsured or overinvesting in the wrong coverage.

To better understand Medicare coverage, we’re talking to Scott Hokanson. Scott is licensed as both a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Expert, as well the Owner of Brabo Insurance, which works with over 500 small businesses and over 10,000 employees situated between Cape Cod and Boston.

In this conversation, we discuss what Medicare is, the penalties and taxes associated with healthcare for retirees, and a wide variety of different strategies you can use to not only get the coverage you need, but reduce your expenses in other ways as you approach and enter retirement.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Medicare Part A is good (but not fully comprehensive) healthcare coverage.
  • Supplemental Medicare plans Scott recommends to most of his clients.
  • What makes Medicare uniquely frustrating for doctors and hospitals.
  • The common mistakes that people make with health savings accounts.
  • Why Medicare prescription plans are awful—and how you can find less expensive medicines.

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