Rethink IT

Abhijit Verekar

Rethink IT

State and local governments provide vital services to their citizens, and keep them safe. They are also one of the largest employers in the country. Without counting public schools and hospitals, they employ about 14 million people in the US. However, they’re also wrought with antiquated systems, broken processes, paperwork overwhelm, lack of transparency, and underutilization of smart technologies. If you are a municipal leader, everyday citizen of one of those working for a state or local government across the US, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to RethinkIT, a podcast for municipal leaders, IT managers, CIOs, city or county council members, and the like that focuses on trends in government IT, as well as its current best practices and challenges. Hosted by Abhijit Verekar, the show features special guests every week from various municipal agencies across the US to share their insights on how to rethink IT and make the Government smarter and more efficient. As President and CEO of Avèro Advisors – an “end-to-end” information technology advisory firm that positions clients for success through the effective application of tailor-made technology management strategies – Abhijit Verekar has been helping clients “Rethink IT” and focus on answering the age-old question of “Yes, its new and shiny, but how does it fit into my organization and how does it help further our strategic interests?” With a long list of clientele served, Abhijit has helped local government executives develop and implement 3-5 year IT strategic roadmaps so they can deliver the highest level of services to their communities. He’s delivered value to over 40 cities and counties across the US and guarantees results. He also has extensive experience in IT and organizational modernization initiatives with state and local government agencies across the United States. Over the last 15 years, Abhijit has helped clients achieve significant efficiencies through IT strategic planning, cybersecurity, business process review, redesign, and general advisory and stewardship when dealing with significant organizational and technological changes. Get rid of the inefficiency and take advantage of proven technologies. Keep up with the latest trends and step into innovation. Learn what other people like you are doing and make better technology decisions to make your organization smarter and more efficient in the long term. Discover how you can leverage proven technology to deliver better services to your citizens. RethinkIT! Join Abhijit Verekar and his guests today!


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