Ep38: Allen Esrock reCHARGED

Ep38: Allen Esrock reCHARGED

Looking for that perfect blend of humor, wit and reflection? Allen Esrock delivers! We talk about TikTok, cat videos and not looking at Allen Esrock’s internet history when he was running a tween girls’ networking site! Allen shares with us the moment he realized that running the family retail business was not for him. He had other dreams! Allen drove from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA to realize his goal of becoming a TV comedy writer--only to discover that he hated being in the writer’s room! Allen knew that he didn’t want the life that was laid out for him: A family-owned retail clothing business, a home in St. Louis, being a country club tennis doubles champion. He credits being in touch with his emotions and knowing that he needed to do something different. Rather than living with regret and saying, “I could have tried this or should have done that,"  Allen shares with us his mantra of “not wanting to live with regret” is a deep part of his soul and what ultimately guides him.His shares key advice when making decisions: Before you make the decision, ask yourself, will you be happy with this decision in 5-10 years? For Allen, personal reflection has led him to become the person he is today.Allen  is the founder of NxtGen Nexus, a local/global community for Family Business and Family Office NxtGens that supports their interest in Social Impact, Family Dynamics, Philanthropy, Pop Culture, Family Legacy, Food, and Real Estate, at both local and global levels.Allen started working for Big Men’s Shop, his family business, when he was five-years old. His first job was guarding the front door during holiday shopping season.  Allen went through the age-old debate of going into the family business. He joined a buyer's training program at Macy's to prepare to run the family business.  Instead, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a television comedy writer.  Allen left the entertainment business and became an executive recruiter working across industries which included digital media, technology, healthcare, and non-profits.Allen was also the Founder of Jitter Fingers, a safe social networking solution for tween girls and their bffs, with on-line clubs in 200+ cities in the US and twelve countries. Allen is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America and a graduate of Indiana University.Connect with Allen to learn more about him and his background:LinkedIn = . Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website. 


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