Ep34: Dominic Toscanelli reCHARGED

Ep34: Dominic Toscanelli reCHARGED

A special Father’s Day podcast (and, nope, we didn’t plan it that way, but we are lucky that the stars aligned). We begin with Dominic Toscanelli sharing his love of data and spreadsheets. Don’t worry, there is more to the interview and a great book recommendation for new dads. When asked what changed his life, Dominic speaks from the heart on the sudden death of his father and how he had to reframe his life at just 19 years old. He shares his journey toward managing his grief, preserving his mental health and being open about his personal emotional work with his friends and family. He frames his advice to his almost 1 year old son, Leo, which is: When going through life, know that little ball of emotion inside you, pull it apart, and understand why you are feeling that way. Label those emotions. Great advice for all! Dominic is a father, husband, and friend who is more focused than ever on leaving life's tangibles and intangibles in a better state than he found them. Getting him to this point, his life has been an oft-incautious sequence of learning, growth, and reflection. Rinse and repeat. Dominic’s higher-octane hours are spent specializing in the negotiation and implementation of robust employee benefits, retirement, and risk management programs. In other words: Dominic has a twisted passion for spreadsheets. Connect with Dominic to learn more about him and his background:LinkedIn = Sign up for our newsletter at . Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website. 


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