Ep32: Tonya McKenzie reCHARGED

Ep32: Tonya McKenzie reCHARGED

You don’t want to miss Tonya McKenzie’s interview. Tonya has lived enough life for several books and hours of podcast content. Through it all, she has relied on her love of learning and laughter.Tonya talks about her passion around teaching others and leaving the world in a better place than she found it. She put her money where her mouth is and gave up her dream to take care of her sisters after their mom died. Throughout the trauma, she has learned to be more vulnerable, find common ground with people on opposite sides, and learn people’s stories. Her top advice: Be authentic. People will either be supportive of your brand or not, but they will know you for who you are. Does she have any regrets? No, as she sees everything she's experienced as lessons. Tonya is a seasoned Public Relations & Leadership Professional with over 17 years of experience and management expertise in both the non-profit and private sector. As the owner of Sand & Shores, public relations and leadership consulting firm, she specializes in working with civic, law enforcement, and other non-profit organizations helping them to gain greater brand awareness and positive public relations coverage in the media through bold branding and thought leadership. Tonya is a Silicon Valley native, and gun violence survivor. As a child advocate and speaker, she ignites the best in people by helping them to tell their story and delve into their personal brand identity. She’s a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and holds several leadership positions in the city of Redondo Beach and throughout Los Angeles County. Tonya holds a seat on the Redondo Beach Police Engagement Board and works to simplify complex issues though conversation. In addition to all of that, Tonya also hosts two podcasts:My Morning Coffee Podcast with Lieutenant Gia Neil of LA County Sheriff Leaders & Learners Spotify in which she speaks w/ authors, leaders and experts Connect with Tonya to learn more about her and her background:LinkedIn = Sand and Shores = Sign up for our newsletter at . Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website. 


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