Ep24: Nandini Basu reCHARGED

Ep24: Nandini Basu reCHARGED

Do you know what a movement educator is? Neither did we. Luckily, Nandini Basu explains it to us! Nandini also talks about her journey from working in corporate to becoming a Master Pilates instructor. She recalls a time when a student told her that “You are a blessing in my life” and how that feeling didn’t match the feelings she was receiving in the corporate world. The question was then…what do I do about this misalignment? Nandini found a grounding in Pilates that she didn’t have before. She devoted time and energy into this and made it her passionate hobby. But soon the universe conspired and presented her with opportunities to focus on her hobby and not on corporate. She tells us about the courage it took to make the switch and the great advice she has to help others. Nandini is a Movement Educator and Leadership Development Consultant. As a Movement Educator she teaches group fitness and private clients, primarily in Pilates, and is a Master Trainer for the Club Pilates brand. In her Leadership Development work, Nandini focuses on coaching and facilitation of employee and leadership development programs.  She has worked across multiple industries and geographies to provide in-person and virtual leadership development solutions. Nandini is passionate about her work in helping people be their best selves through physical well-being and interpersonal effectiveness.  Connect with Nandini to learn more about her and her background:Instagram = @nandini_basuSign up for our newsletter at . Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website. 


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