Ep23: Ray Culver reCHARGED

Ep23: Ray Culver reCHARGED

You may think we have switched it up to a food/travel podcast since this is how we spend the first 10 minutes chatting with Ray Culver! Nah, we are still a life changing decision podcast, but we couldn’t help ourselves and kicked it off talking about how Ray expands his brain with food and travel. After discussing international vending machines, we get to a deep discussion about the decision Ray made that changed the trajectory of his life. Ray shared his intensely personal story about coming out as a gay man to his sister and mother when he was 18 years old. And that was the just the start of his journey. Now, how was he going to live his truth, become a more authentic leader and make the world a better place? Through the lessons he lives by (and who shouldn't live by these?):  Showing unconditional love, understanding what others are going through and supporting them in the decisions they make. Ray is a staffing industry veteran and Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) with 26 years of experience in sales, sales strategy and sales leadership. Serving as the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Growth at TalentNow, a contingent workforce solutions company, Culver oversees the go-to-market sales and growth strategy, assists in developing the product roadmap and helps create and drive TalentNow's vision. Prior to joining TalentNow, Culver held leadership roles with Scout Exchange, Randstad and ManpowerGroup, where he was instrumental in creating, and leading, national and global MSP Sales Channels. Ray is involved with multiple non-profit organizations throughout Southern California and serves as a strategic advisor with several startups throughout the US.Connect with Ray to learn more about him and his background:LinkedIn - Sign up for our newsletter at . Let us know about the moments for you that changed your life trajectory. Drop us a note via our website. 


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