Why young Real Estate Investors fail with Michal Wach

Why young Real Estate Investors fail with Michal Wach

Ross is joined by Michal Wach, a husband, father, CPA, and real estate investor and coach from Hamilton Ontario.  With investing experience across multiple cities in Southern Ontario, Michal is primarily a long-term buy and hold investor that has used the BRRR (Buy, renovate, rent, refinance) method to acquire 6 properties (15 units) and growing.  After purchasing the first rental property in Hamilton in 2008 (a single family home), Michal has now put building blocks in place to leave his full time job in the near future to be able to focus on real estate investing full time, while spending more time at home with family and living life on his terms. In this episode we discuss duplex conversions, common concerns/roadblocks of investors, the shiny object syndrome, overcoming mindset limitations and simplifying deal analysis to avoid analysis paralysis.  Follow Ross on Social Media: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Follow Michal on Social Media: Instagram:


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