What you need to know BEFORE investing in Real Estate

What you need to know BEFORE investing in Real Estate

Episode 001: Welcome to the Golden Nuggets of Real Estate Investing, a podcast dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom through Real Estate. In this episode, Ross Nedaee discusses his background, the different career paths that he took, his change of mindset, and how that ultimately led him to discovering his true passion of Real Estate and becoming a Realtor/Investor. He discusses how he was able to build his portfolio of 11 units using the BRRRR method (Buy Repair, Rent, Refinance and Repeat) and is on a mission to scale up his real estate portfolio to escape the rat race of 9-5, attain financial freedom and retire early! Lastly, he defines the fundamental terms of Real Estate Investing to help you get into real estate investing and polish your knowledge so make sure to tune in! Connect with Ross Nedaee here:   YouTube Channel:   Instagram: Facebook:


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