Part 2: Frugality and Mindset with Sid & Ishan Khobare

Part 2: Frugality and Mindset with Sid & Ishan Khobare

Welcome to the Golden Nuggets of Real Estate Investing, a podcast dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom through Real Estate. Ross is joined by Ishan and Sid who immigrated to Canada as international students and changed their pay cheque to pay cheque North American lifestyle to becoming serious real estate investors! We had so much to talk about that I have decided to divide the episode into 2 parts. In part 2, we talk about the importance of being a Renaissance man and putting in some sweat equity to understand renovation costs and the big ticket items to look out for. You will learn the importance of frugality and why you should not lease or finance a car, the importance of investing in yourself, and most importantly doing the little tasks every day that will compound and make huge difference in the long run. Last but not least, we tackle how to do an airbnb and what makes a good airbnb business. Follow Ross on Social Media: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Follow Sid & Ishan on Social Media: Instagram: Instagram: Instagram:


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