Colonel Gaddafi Part 6: The Lockerbie Bombing


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Colonel Gaddafi Part 6: The Lockerbie Bombing

In 1988, Gaddafi takes his terror to the skies, bringing down a passenger flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. The Boeing 747 - en route from Frankfurt to New York, via London - is destroyed with 270 fatalities. Gaddafi has reached a new level of villainy. Staffers at the Pentagon team up with Hollywood executives to shore up public opinion against the tyrant. Meanwhile, the Colonel himself begins an extensive re-brand. Shunned by the Arab world, his gaze shifts south - across the Sahara. Soon, in a bizarre ceremony, he will be crowned ‘King of Africa’. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • The chilling story of a tyrant's act of revenge

    6 days ago·1 like·

    The Gaddafi story always amazed me, it was so wild yet all pretty recent

    5 days ago·1 like·

    @Klaas In my lifetime more or less

    5 days ago·

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