Colonel Gaddafi Part 3: Hero to Villain


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Colonel Gaddafi Part 3: Hero to Villain

Having seized power without a shot being fired, Muammar Gaddafi can’t quite believe his luck. Still in his twenties, he now finds himself leader of an oil-rich country. The pistol-toting ‘Colonel’ wastes no time kicking out the Americans and the British, wresting control of the petrochemical industry, and instigating a ‘Vengeance Day’ to deal with Libya’s colonial oppressors. Meanwhile, ordinary Libyans take a quantum leap in living standards. To many, Gaddafi seems a revelation, at least at first. But the cracks are already appearing. Things are about to spin off in a very different direction. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

  • And it begins. The greed for power. Gaddaffi said three great prophets all came from the desert: Mohammed, Jesus --- and Gaddaffi

    22 days ago·

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