What is Your Childhood Trauma Archetype?

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What is Your Childhood Trauma Archetype?

What It's All About

Childhood trauma encompasses experiences that shape you and change you forever. When you are emotionally, physically, or mentally abused, damaged, or terrorized in childhood it changes the way you see yourself and the cycles you set up for everything from your relationships to then career choices that you make. To understand our childhood trauma we have to pull back some serious layers. And that takes time, and a bit of discomfort too. 

That's because childhood trauma damages your brain. But without the tools to counter that brain damage, you get left in the darkness with the inability to manage your life and your basic desires and functions. Want to improve your life? Want to put an end to the cycles of pain, self-flagellation, and resentment that are making you miserable? Looking at your childhood trauma archetype could carry many important clues. 

Understanding Childhood Trauma:

  •  What does childhood trauma look like?  
  • How does our childhood trauma settle? 
  • How to deal with our childhood trauma

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