Bad Relationships: The Ins, the Outs, and When to Let Go

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Bad Relationships: The Ins, the Outs, and When to Let Go

What It's All About

Bad relationships. We've all had at least one in our lifetime. For some of you, that relationship involved a partner who cheated endlessly; or a partner who disrespected you or ignored you. Others, however, had abusive, terrorizing, and soul-destroying partners who completely changed the way you saw the world and yourself. Recognizing a bad relationship and addressing it are two different things. And we're going to do both in this episode.

This week, we are going to break down terrible relationships. What actually makes a relationship bad? And when is a relationship worth saving and worth letting go? This is the ideal episode of anyone who's ever been through a nasty breakup, anyone who's been cheated on, and anyone who's been hurt by the partners they've invested in. Does this sound like  you? Address the truth behind your bad relationships and you can find better ways to build on your love next time around. 

Understanding Bad Relationships:

  • Signs You're In a Bad Relationship
  • How Toxic Relationships Affect our Lives
  • Knowing When It's Time to Walk Away

Additional Resources:

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