Population Unplugged

Cornell Thomas

Population Unplugged

There is nothing quite as sad as a caged mind. A mind that has no idea there was never a cage to begin with. The cage is actually our own restrictions and limitations. For whatever reason we have accepted the labels society has given us, we have allowed others to dictate how high our ceilings go. We have replaced the mission of finding our purpose with doubting if we have one in the first place. If you are tired of the nonsense this podcast is for you, regardless of your race, religion, gender, hair color, or anything else. This podcast is for the outliers, leaders, and those who want to make a positive change on this crazy planet we call Earth. It’s also for those of you who have no idea what the hell they want at all. You are all welcome to step into my craziness, and hear not only my stories, but also other people that are doing some cool things on this planet. Check it out you wont be disappointed, oh and if you are, two tears and a bucket. ☺


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