Plant Based Briefing

Marian Erikson

Plant Based Briefing

The 10-minute curated-content plant-based podcast. Hear from experts about plant based and vegan living every weekday. There's so much great content online! I curate the best plant based content from experts, get their permission, and read it to you here. You'll hear from experts like NutritionFactsdotorg, Forks Over Knives, Climate Healers, Food Revolution Network, The Good Food Institute, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Vegan Family Kitchen, Society for Humane Science, The Minimalist Vegan, Switch 4 Good, United Poultry Concerns, and many more. I cover a variety of topics ranging from plant based health and nutrition, to animal welfare and liberation, to planet-friendly, sustainable living and vegan food, entertainment, travel and lifestyle. The plant based revolution has only just begun. Interest in plant-based foods, cultivated meat, cruelty-free products and sustainableĀ living is skyrocketing. Stay up to speed here.


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