Pig & Whistle Tales - A World of Warcraft Podcast

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Pig & Whistle Tales - A World of Warcraft Podcast

Do you enjoy World of Warcraft? Do you enjoy escaping to the lands of the alliance and the horde? Is retail your thing, or classic? Whatever it is, I want to expand on that enjoyment and add another element to bring your world. When you step away from your keyboard, why not tune in and listen to some relaxed chat. Imagine that you and your main character have had a tough day grinding, or raiding or battling through dungeons. You find yourself back at Stormwind, restock on potions, grab a haircut and visit the auction house. Then you wander past the Pig & Whistle public house and decide to walk in and sit for a while. The fire is dancing in the corner and the bar is buzzing with adventurers. As you sit and relax, you hear me in the background. I’m chatting about a variety of subjects that I am sure you will relate to. Luckily, I’ve captured my musings on these casts for you to download and listen to whenever is convenient for you. There is so much to talk about within the World of Warcraft that I will never be short of tales to tell. I will cover PVE, PVP, Dungeons, Raids, the latest chat, expansions, classic wow & retail, classes & specs. With your feedback and support, I will expand the subject matter as we progress. My aim is to share knowledge and experiences in a fun, relaxed and chilled way. Please subscribe, enjoy and keep coming back for more. Thank you.


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