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MORE of the Greatest Barn Finds of All Time


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55m · May 3, 2021

MORE of the Greatest Barn Finds of All Time

Today on Past Gas, it’s Barn Finds, PART TWO! How did a pair of Citroen prototypes wind up on the roof of a French barn? How does an ultra-rare Shelby Daytona vanish for decades after breaking a slew records? What does it take for an entire car dealership to vanish into history? What happens when one of the most famous Mustangs of all time turns up in a Mexican junkyard? All that and more on today’s episode! Thanks to our sponsors: Get a better insurance with Gabi. It’s totally free to check and there’s no obligation. Go to  Let Sunday take the guesswork out of growing a greener, more beautiful lawn this Spring. Visit to get $20 off your custom lawn plan at checkout! More about Show: Follow James on IG and Twitter @jamespumphrey  Follow Nolan on IG and Twitter @nolanjsykes  Follow Donut @donutmedia, and subscribe to our Youtube and Facebook channels!   Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening or using this link: If you like the show, telling a friend about it would be helpful! You can text, email, Tweet, or send this link to a friend: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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