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Are We Actually About to Get Flying Cars?


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51m · March 15, 2021

Are We Actually About to Get Flying Cars?

Does anything symbolize the promise of the future like flying cars? From Star Wars to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, from The Jetsons to James Bond, flying cars have captured our imagination, but failed to translate into any sort of reality. Will flying cars ever be safe and practical enough to happen? How would they work? Flying cars always seem right around the corner, but can advancements in battery tech and autopilot modes actually get us there? That’s today… or tomorrow… or maybe never… on Past Gas. Follow James on IG and Twitter @jamespumphrey. Follow Nolan on IG and Twitter @nolanjsykes.  Follow Donut @donutmedia, and subscribe to our Youtube and Facebook channels!   Go to for a free 30-day trial, just pay for shipping and handling!  Head over to to find the right oil for your engine. We want you to start living a happier life today. As a listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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