T is for Timepiece

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T is for Timepiece

Magnum Cordite is a lone gun, a private eye, and a man on the edge. Magnum also has a blessing, or a curse depends on who you ask. If he's killed, iced, ganked, ya know, vamoosed, then he gets one hour to solve his own murder. If he does, he gets to live, if not..... well let's just say it's a long trip down. Will Magnum be able to solve the case or is he dead, doomed, and damned?

We are super excited to announce our first shoutout! We will be doing short shoutouts at the beginning of our episodes going forwards (we're gonna keep them to a minuteish or less), so if you have a small business, large business, podcast, or friend you want to talk about on our show send us a DM (ha) on Twitter or Instagram @onehouroneoffs

Sound effects licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0):

Glasses Clinking.wav - kelsey_w on Freesound

metallic-clunk.wav: gadzooks on Freesound

Cinematic bass hit.wav: nickerick03 on Freesound

Bullet_Impact_1: toxicwafflezz on Freesound

munition_shells.wav: plingativator on Freesound

glass shatter.wav: datasoundsample on Freesound

Glass breaking 2: Samgd14 on Freesound

Splash, Small, A.wav: InspectorJ on Freesound

Any sound effects not listed here were recorded and edited by Dana Bulger, or are licensed under Creative Commons 0, which means the owner claims no copyright

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