How to Niche Down and Speak to the One with Rita Suzanne

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How to Niche Down and Speak to the One with Rita Suzanne

Let's talk about the power of focusing on just one client. My special guest, Rita Suzanne, shares 4 important questions that you can ask yourself to help you narrow down and get a clear focus on your target client. We also talk about overthinking/overanalyzing things -- something that we women tend to do -- and how to work around it.

Rita Suzanne is a business strategist for health and wellness coaches and creators, an educator, overthinker, shower singer, and your part-time promoter. She combines over 15 years of business and design experience creating and building websites, sales pages, and courses.

She's been featured in business, branding and design podcasts, blog interviews and summits. When she's not analyzing her design decisions, she is working on upgrading herself, learning new things and serving up business advice.

Don't worry, she takes breaks from her business life to focus on her four children, her burgeoning coffee addiction, and wearing a whole lotta comfy clothes.

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