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New Age Influencers


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Aaron Patton presents

New Age Influencers

The term "influencers" is sometimes viewed in a negative light. One of the main goals with this podcast is to change the narrative, and to help the masses understand why putting in legitimate effort to cut out your own little corner on the internet is a VERY good thing to do in our new age world, not only for your wallet, but for your own peace of mind, happiness, and future... Every week you'll get access to BEHIND THE SCREEN conversations with social media influencers, celebrities, content creators, community builders, and entrepreneurs. We'll dive into personal origin stories from the guests while extracting the most valuable pieces of advice they've learned along their journey. Have you ever wondered how people got started doing what they're doing? Or how exactly they make money? Or how much work they had to put in behind the scenes before gaining true momentum? These are the types of questions we answer on this podcast. This show is for New Agers. Definition of a New Ager: Someone who wants to maximize life by having as much fun as possible while working towards bigger goals. Someone who wants to take full advantage of the amazing digital opportunity age we are currently living in, and who understands (or wants to understand) that the best path for creating abundance in life when it comes to money, time, freedom, and happiness can be found on the internet. It doesn't matter if your online efforts are related to a current career, interest, business, product, hobby or passion...because in the end...the internet is scalable, your time is NOT. P.s. this is a happy hour style podcast, meaning each weekly interview will have a slightly different vibe based on the guest and their content...but will always be raw, entertaining, and informative. Solo episodes are released on Thursdays to reiterate important lessons learned from the guests. Check out all the past guests on Instagram: @newageinfluencerspodcast

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