EP 07 - What is the Nature of Renunciation?

EP 07 - What is the Nature of Renunciation?

Sutra 07:  Because it is of the nature of renunciation there is no element of desire in that Love Divine. Our Spiritual Master KrsnaKnows expounds on the Bhakti Yoga Sutras (Path of Love & Devotion) of Devrishi Naradmuni. Narada Bhakti Sutra - Narada's Aphorisms on Love Divine. For more: ►Subscribe to us on Youtube: Follow Us: Instagram: @krsnaknowsofficial [ Facebook: @KrsnaKnowsOfficial [ Twitter: @krsnaknows [ #LoveDivine #Devotion #BhaktiMarg #PathofDevotion #LoveandDevotion #attainingLord --- Send in a voice message:


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