I made it to One Piece Post Time Skip

1h 31m · September 15, 2021

I made it to One Piece Post Time Skip

Support us on PATREON for the monthly Q&A Show, weekly Post Show and more! ►► Thank you Advanced for sponsoring today's video! Use code "naninoanime" to save 10% on Advanced Focus or Energy the drink we drink daily and help support the podcast! ►►   In this episode of the Nani no Anime Podcast RuffSenpai & SeeOhKnee get together and talk about a ton of awesome Anime News, and a ton of One Piece! Check out the Nani no Anime YouTube Channel ► Check out SeeOhKnee on YouTube Channel ► Check out RuffSenpai on YouTube Channel ►   Timestamps 06:50 - Fairy Tail News 10:10 - JoJo's Part 6 News 15:30 - One Piece Ace Spinoff News 24:30 - More One Piece News 31:30 One Piece Post War Arc Discussion 01:04:19 - One Piece Post Time Skip Discussion 01:15:40 - 5 Star Reviews


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