Moscow Mules and NOP Slides

Kyle & David

Moscow Mules and NOP Slides

“Moscow Mules and NOP Slides” is a new podcast where we bring cyber security professionals together to discuss drinks and topics surrounding their projects or work. Drinks doesn’t just mean alcoholic beverages. Maybe you make a killer coffee in the morning. Do you make your own kombucha from scratch? Or do you just love yourself an ice cold soda every now and then.  Drinks is an unrestricted category and want to hear how you “wet your whistle”. The second half of our conversation will allow our guests an unguided experience to discuss their side projects they are working on or what keeps them passionate about their day job. Either way, the topics of choice are endless. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening or watching. And if you are interested in being a guest on an episode of “Moscow Mules and NOP Slides” please reach out. We would love to meet you!


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