Ep 2: Things No One Tells You About Grief (And How to Deal)

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Ep 2: Things No One Tells You About Grief (And How to Deal)

No one prepares you for grief. And honestly, no one can. But after this last year and a half, we are a world full of grieving people. 

Instead of trying to live like life is always great with social media pages to match, we need to talk about it. We need to relate where we can, and validate each others experiences so no one feels alone.

In this episode, released on the heels of Father’s Day, I talk about my experiences as a Daddy’s Girl losing her Dad last year. 

Experiencing waves vs stages, what prayer and reading doesn’t do, and three things in Scripture that have really helped me get through grief with God. 

Praying this helps and blesses you. 

My devotional book, “God, What The Heck?! 100 Devotionals For When Life Sucks”

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