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Dr. Becca Ballinger

Modern Parenting Solutions

There are a ton of parenting podcasts ... so why begin another one? As a child psychologist and a Modern Parent who successfully raised two wonderful young adult children in a nontraditional family environment, I know all the strategies and techniques that REALLY solve the challenges that today's parents regularly face every day. Do you ever ask yourself the following questions: ⇢ "What are the best strategies for teaching my teenager to use social media safely and responsibly?" ⇢ "How can I help my child feel better about themselves?" ⇢ "Why doesn't my child seem to be motivated to do anything other than play video games, watch YouTube, or post on social media?" ⇢ "Why is my relationship with my teenager so difficult and why can't we be closer?" ⇢ "Why does my child seem anxious or depressed all the time?" ⇢ "How much video game time is too much time?" Everyday in my Southern California private practice, I help Modern Parents solve these challenges - and even more! - and I want to bring my tips, tricks, and strategies to YOU. The goal of this podcast is to share what really works so that you can feel more confident with your parenting ability - and to create a close and positive parent-child bond.


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