Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Kris Bryant shares thoughts on the people who work at Wrigley, PLUS...There are some exclusive interviews that our Podcast members on Patreon get on a daily or weekly basis. This episode features one of Frank's favorite people that he met through the Cubs, Thomas Butler Guerrero. Thomas also has his on podcast that will soon be joining the new podcast network that Mistaken Identity will be joining. Become a podcast member below to watch all our episodes and more!Kris Bryant interview credit: KNBRDisclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the speaker and do not represent any team or sponsor.To order a Mistaken Identity Podcast tshirt, To become a podcast member starting at just $1, click the support button at the bottom.The baseball season is over, soon, but the the fall line up of movies, player sessions and On Demand content to watch is just beginning on our Podcast membership site, starting at just $1! Check it out at Watch our Schitt's Creeks show "Rolling Through Schitts"  and other series at (


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