Matt Chamberlain

Millennial Wealth

Matt Chamberlain of Millennial Wealth invites you to join him as we discover where you are in your personal financial journey, guided by the Millennial Map. Along our journey, Matt will help you overcome hurdles including your relationship with money, your struggles with personal debt, the formation of effective financial habits, and the rules of investing that he himself has used to own investment property at the age of 24. All while still enjoying the Millennial's Breakfast, avo-on-toast. Matt Chamberlain, a budding Professional Accountant and astute investor, has graduated from a tertiary degree in Accounting & Finance, and is truly fascinated by money. Definitely NOT a millionaire (yet), Matt is more like you than you think. A public school graduate, Matt has since devoted the last 7 years to continued learning and development, and is now proudly in the 4th quartile of the Millennial Map. Speaking only from experience, Matt's aim is to share tools, tips and tricks with you so that you're in a stronger position to make financial decisions that are important to you. Through his passion for education, let Matt help you find your financial independence, one step at a time.