Covid 19 in pregnancy & postpartum: What you need to know

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Covid 19 in pregnancy & postpartum: What you need to know

With covid cases rising at a rapid rate there is no doubt that there has been an increase in anxiety for expectant mothers or mothers with a newborn baby. In today's episode our host Mon shares with us evidence based statistics about contracting covid whilst pregnant including the potential risk factors for both you and your baby as well as the reassuring advice surrounding skin to skin and breast feeding. She shares with us what you can expect in hospital across the antenatal, labour, birth & postpartum period as well as answers the questions asked by her listeners.
The aim of this episode is to educate you and provide you with the latest up to date information to help reassure you if you find yourself contracting covid 19 whilst pregnant.
Like always Mon’s aim in this episode is to educate you about this topic but also always encourages you to seek your own medical advice from your healthcare provider. As mentioned in this episode. Covid policies will vary from hospital to hospital so for the latest updates please speak with your own healthcare provider.
If you do test positive to covid 19 or are a household contact- DHHS rules and regulations still apply. You will still be expected to isolate for 7 days in hospital or whilst home.
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