Meliora Mentor with Joslyn Hillam | Motherhood Mindset Mentor, Pregnancy, Positivity Coach

Joslyn Hillam

Meliora Mentor with Joslyn Hillam | Motherhood Mindset Mentor, Pregnancy, Positivity Coach

Inspiring Latter-day women to magnify their motherhood through positive mindset! As a Latter-Day mother, are you struggling to reach your personal goals and blame it on the season of motherhood? Do you want to feel better in mind and spirit in your calling as a mother of God’s Children? How about simple, do-able steps, in mind and action, that can help you find peace and contentment without making drastic changes to your daily life? In this podcast you will find the simple, do-able thought tools to propel you forward in success for better navigating motherhood and pregnancy. My mission is to help you find a better life through changing your thoughts to work for you, which will help you find Meliora, or a better life! Meliora (mel-EE-or-uh) means ‘better’ in Latin. We can find the ‘better‘ through small steps in thought and action, to improve the journey of life, pregnancy, and motherhood. If you are ready to say YES to small changes over time that will help in your daily life, then you are in the right place! Hi! I am Joslyn the host of the Meliora Mentor Podcast. I am a thought enthusiast, Latter-Day Saint Christian, wife, and homeschooling mom of four. After having my first child, I had a VERY difficult time being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). This was very hard and discouraging. Being a mom, and specifically a stay-at-home-mom had been my life goal/ dream/ aspiration. I was drowning in negative thoughts that destroyed my ability to enjoy my role as a SAHM and felt hopelessly discouraged in my good goals. Why were these good goals of mine SO HARD!? 7 years later, after many listening to many inspired podcasts, books and help from mentors, I have overcome SO many limiting beliefs holding me back from reaching my goals. Here are just a few milestones I have reached: I have lost 45 pounds 2x. I have found thought tools to make VERY difficult pregnancies better. I have found DEEP joy in being a stay at home mom. I have SINCERELY enjoyed homeschooling my kids without feeling resentful or jealous. And in this journey I. Found. Me. I found Joslyn. ALL of this progress in my personal improvement and motherhood began with a THOUGHT and re-directing and training my thoughts. If you are ready change your thoughts, and make headway in your divine motherly goals through small and simple mindset shifts, I can help YOU! I provide easy thought tools, do-able ideas you can implement immediately, and thinking that can revolutionize you as a Daughter of God raising His children! It is a powerful journey! Connect -> Community-> For my fellow pregnant sisters who are having a difficult time dealing with metal games during pregnancy I have created a program that can help you lift that negative mental state through: -Gratitude -Changing the Negative to Positive -Pregnancy Affirmations Join the program here->


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