Mastering Money in Midlife

Debbie Sassen Coaching

Mastering Money in Midlife

Mastering Money in Midlife is the podcast for female entrepreneurs who want to overcome financial anxiety and build wealth without burning out or sacrificing their families. Mastering Money in Midlife is hosted by Debbie Sassen, a certified life and money coach with over 20 years of financial planning, investing, and wealth creation experience with Goldman Sachs, the Bank of Israel, and as an entrepreneur building a multi 6-figure business. Each week Debbie shares the exact strategies and resources you need to change your relationship with money and move from scarcity to abundance. Learn how to get rid of the mental blocks that have you under-charging, under-selling, and under-investing. Remove subconscious feelings of insecurity, judgment, and rejection that surface when you set - and achieve - big money goals. Making more money and managing it better is possible, and this podcast will show you how. Visit us over at for more resources.


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