Chatting Music With Australian Pop Sensation - Charley !

Chatting Music With Australian Pop Sensation - Charley !

On This week Special Episode I sit down with an Incredibly talented Australian artist. Merging as a new addition to Australia’s growing pop music community, Sydney-based musician Charley is someone that encapsulates the talent and prowess of the genre’s arena-selling stars with the forward-thinking creativity of its limitless next generation. Charley was kind enough to come on the show today and have a great chat about herself and her time in the music industry thus far. She is super kind and funny and helped make for a great episode. To all fans of pop out there I think you'll enjoy her new release "Arizona" out today . Links to it can be found on all streaming services and via her YOUTUBE link below . She is also very honest about the state of her mental health and we have a good chat about some of the hardships that she has come across . I also open up a little about some of the challenges I have come across Its a very raw and honest conversation . Also if you wish to interact with Charley she is active on the socials and is great at making funny and entertaining content on TIKTOK and YOUTUBE. Keep an eye on Charley's socials too about her work with Beyond Blue. I think you guys will love this Regards Mitch Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: TikTok:


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