From Piece to Masterpiece

Shawn Ashman

From Piece to Masterpiece

From Piece to Masterpiece podcast is created for an audience who wants to explore life's issues from new perspectives and use your creativity and innovation to paint a positive picture of life. Each episode is like painting a picture and I take you through the phases of creating a picture using life analogies. You will get creative strategies, tools and tips on how to navigate and build a life worth living and a business worth having. I will put my life and experience on canvas and share with you my life, wins and struggles. From these stories, I will share what I did and the outcome, I will also provide you with next steps. If you want some out-of-the-box life approaches to life experiences then this is a good place to be. I explore and share new experiences, share ideas from books I have read and just share my creative approach to the issues that I face on a daily basis. My intention is to add value to your life and mine and this is a new journey for me. If you believe in me and your potential to change, then please stay tuned and subscribe so that I can keep going. You are the artist, paint a picture of your life that you absolutely will love.


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