The Role of Faith

45m · February 27, 2021

The Role of Faith

In this week's "Life, Love, & Light" podcast on The Mystical Path, we focus on the essential role of faith, because what nourishes faith nourishes mysticism. We delve into the meaning of the words "contemplation" and "meditation," and discuss the difference between "cataphatic" and "apophatic" forms of mystical prayer. We also consider the ultimate end of the mystical path, which is union with God. And we focus on the importance of maintaining "a constant intention of the mind" in order to reach that end. We reflect on teachings from the Desert Fathers Abba Moses and John Cassian, as well as St. Benedict of Nursia and St. Bernard of Clairvaux, about the importance of developing "purity of heart" which is, in essence, perfect charity.  Finally,  I lead you in  a "Guided Meditation" to help you toward  greater relaxation, equilibrium, and clarity of awareness.PLEASE SHARE these podcasts with family members and friends who may wish to develop a meditation practice in their daily lives, especially during this contemplative season of Lent. Blessings to all!


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