Psalmic Mysticism

50m · January 16, 2021

Psalmic Mysticism

The Second Season of the "Life, Love, & Light" podcast series continues with the Mysticism of the Psalms – that collection of 150 songs and prayers in the Hebrew Bible that were composed by mystics who lived thousands of years ago . . . all of whom were anonymous. We ask: "Can we still relate to the psalms as mystical prayer in our own time and circumstances? " And we discover that in the psalms we not only hear the Israelites praying, we hear 2,000 years of Christian prayer as well. We examine the structure of different types of psalms --  psalms of praise and lament, penance and thanksgiving, confidence and blessings, as well as New Testament psalms. We also consider how often Jesus must have prayed the psalms throughout his lifetime. In the process, we discover what an example of mystical prayer these ancient, hope-filled psalms are for us in our daily lives --  in our times of joy, sorrow, struggle, and crisis. The power of the psalms to lead each individual soul into the mystical dimension of divine love has been proven for three thousand years. Julian of Norwich herself prayed them every day in her anchorage. May we benefit from her example!Please share this podcast with your family and friends who may be in need of comfort, healing, and a renewal of hope right now. Blessings to all!


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