Paul & Resurrection

57m · February 13, 2021

Paul & Resurrection

In this episode of "Life, Love, & Light" podcasts, we discuss the great Apostle Paul, who called himself the least and also the last of all the apostles. We examine his life story and his personal experience of seeing the Risen Lord. We delve into questions that are frequently asked today: Was Jesus resurrected bodily? Will our own bodies be resurrected? If so, what kind of body will it be: physical or spiritual?  Early Greek converts to Christianity had serious resistance to belief in the resurrection of the body.  They were convinced, like modern skeptics, that "dead men don't rise." In writing to the Corinthians, Paul used both vigorous argument and evocative metaphor to make the concept of bodily resurrection abundantly clear for them and for future generations.  We explore what Paul meant in contrasting the "natural" body and the "spiritual" body.  We also reflect on how we might begin to live resurrected lives here and now. This is the final episode in our Second Season of podcasts on "Biblical Mystics." Next week, with the start of Lent, we will begin our Third Season on "The Mystical Path" -- what it is, what it entails, and how we may follow it in the midst of our family life, our work, and our daily concerns.  In future podcasts, we will draw on the teachings of men and women through the ages to discover various ways to lead a truly mystical life. And we will learn from their experience how to pray, how to listen, how to meditate, and how to deepen our response to the Divine Call within.PLEASE SHARE these podcasts with family and friends who seek to live a more mystical and "resurrected" life here and now. Blessings to all!


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