Moses & The Exodus

42m · November 21, 2020

Moses & The Exodus

In this extremely relevant episode of the "Life, Love, & Light" podcasts, we consider the duel of wits between Moses and Pharaoh, which is really a duel of conflicting theologies. We recall the Passover of the Israelites and of Jesus at the Last Supper, during which he established a new covenant between God and humans, a covenant that would be sealed in his own blood on the cross. We watch the Israelites flee in terror from the pursuing chariots of Pharaoh's army and witness the miracle of the parting of the waters at the command of Moses. We recognize in the Israelites all those refugees who are fleeing hunger,  bondage, slavery, or racial injustice right now.  We reflect on our own "desert experiences" and realize that even in our darkest hours of suffering, God has always been with us, guiding us through  fear and doubt into a greater freedom. We give thanks and commit  to praying for one another, especially in these desperate times.PLEASE SHARE this podcast with family and friends who may be seeking freedom from fear and a greater hope in Divine Providence guiding their lives. Blessings to all!


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