Mary & Joseph

1h 3m · November 28, 2020

Mary & Joseph

In preparation for Advent, this episode of the Life, Love, & Light podcasts focuses on the beloved New Testament mystics, Mary and Joseph. We go in depth to consider St. Luke's Gospel account  of the annunciation to Mary and St. Matthew's Gospel narrative of the dream revelations to Joseph. We imagine the painful conflicts these two devout but very human people must have endured; conflicts we can recognize as similar to our own.  We enter into the couple's decision-making process and consider how they were able to surrender totally to the will of God, even though they did not understand it.  And we realize that both these infancy narratives were created by the evangelists from the vantage point of the resurrection -- to inspire and affirm faith in the infant Jesus as the Son of God.PLEASE SHARE these inspiring Gospel stories  with those you know who may be going through their own difficult conflicts or a decision-making process right now.NOTE: This will be my last podcast of 2020; I am taking a short hiatus during December but will resume podcasting in January of 2021 with new dramatic explorations of biblical -- and other -- mystics. Until then, I wish you all a safe, healthy, and grace-filled Christmas and New Year!


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