Martha & Mary: Sister Mystics

57m · January 23, 2021

Martha & Mary: Sister Mystics

In this week's "Life, Love, & Light" podcast, we encounter two women in the Gospels, sisters with very different personalities, yet both emerging mystics: Martha and Mary. We enter into the scene in Luke's Gospel in which Jesus dines at their home and Martha complains bitterly because Mary sits and listens to Jesus and does not help her in the kitchen. We look  at the two personality types: the pro-active, highly capable, but overworked and stressed-out Martha and the more passive, retiring, and mystically inclined Mary. We recognize that we, also, are of these "two minds" and closely examine the sublime invitation Jesus offers Martha -- and us -- to choose "the better part." What is "the better part"?  Then we delve into the  story in John's Gospel of the raising of Lazarus, and the extraordinary mystical leaps of faith Martha makes, even amidst her overwhelming sorrow at her brother's death. Finally, we witness the outpouring of Mary's love and devotion when she anoints the Lord's feet with extravagant perfume, following a mystical intuition of his impending death and burial. This leads us to consider both the challenges and the incomparable rewards of making peace between our own Martha-mind and Mary-mind by committing to a daily meditation practice of silence, stillness, and resting in the Lord.PLEASE SHARE this podcast with your family and friends who are seeking a contemplative dimension to their daily lives in the midst of so many responsibilities and so much suffering. Blessings to all!


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