Joseph's Tragedy & Triumph

41m · October 30, 2020

Joseph's Tragedy & Triumph

In this week's "Life, Love, & Light" podcast, we embark on the saga of Joseph, the highly favored son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis. This self-contained story is based on ancient legends. But it was completely refashioned by Israelite narrators to create a deeply moving account of sibling jealousy, hatred, and betrayal; prophetic dreaming and the interpreting of dreams; severe testing and forgiveness; and above all, faith in divine protection. There is such a wide range of human emotions and actions in this legend, it is really more than a legend. It is actually a dramatic novella – so modern in its portrayal of the twists and turns of the human psyche that it continues to shock and astound us. This tragic and eventually triumphant saga of Joseph speaks to us today as a strong example of faith and courage in times of great crisis – just like our own. And it reveals yet again that God’s protection will never abandon us, no matter how dire the circumstances. Please SHARE this podcast with family and friends who may need reassurance of divine protection right now, as we continue to suffer through the pandemic, increasing famine, and religious persecutions worldwide. Blessings to all!


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