Joseph & His Brothers

51m · November 7, 2020

Joseph & His Brothers

In this episode of "Life, Love, & Light" podcasts on biblical mystics, we continue the story of Joseph and experience the dramatic encounters with his brothers who travel to Egypt during a severe famine, seeking food from the Grand Vizier.  Little do they know that this great prince is actually their own brother Joseph, who they once sold into slavery. We see the ways in which Joseph severely tests his brothers in order to make them fully aware of their own guilt, and so that they may come to contrition. This is a heartrending  saga, with enough psychological and emotional twists and turns of character to make it seem like a modern novella! It is also the story of Divine Providence that guides Joseph and his brothers through their tragic twenty-year estrangement into contrition, forgiveness, and extraordinary healing. Again we see that, in spite of evil deeds, God's plan of salvation will not be thwarted and that Divine Love and mercy are always able to bring good out of every evil.PLEASE SHARE this podcast with family and friends who may need reassurance of divine mercy and reconciliation in their own lives right now. Blessings to all!


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