Essential Practices

59m · March 27, 2021

Essential Practices

In this episode of "Life, Love, & Light" podcasts, we consider the essential thoughts about the nature of reality and discuss the essential virtues that we need to cultivate on The Mystical Path. Drawing on the wisdom of the East, we examine four thoughts that turn the mind towards God: becoming aware of the preciousness of this body and this moment; realizing the impermanence of this life; recognizing that our actions -- good or bad -- have consequences; and finally, seeing the reality of suffering as a necessary part of the path of purification. We discuss the importance of renunciation and examine the four essential virtues: a living faith, a daring hope, a radical love, and total trust.The Guided Meditation helps us identify our own sufferings with those of every other living creature. We allow Christ to take on our sufferings and purify them in his fire of divine love. With great compassion, we envision his light shining forth, entering our own hearts and the hearts of everyone, everywhere -- reminding us, teaching us that he has always already been there. And we recognize that in the oneness of his presence is the oneness of us all, united like rays of light, from star to star; each perfect, each unique.PLEASE  SUBSCRIBE to these weekly "Life, Love, & Light" podcasts and SHARE them with family members and friends who wish to develop a meditation practice in their daily lives. And if you would like information about my books on the mystical path -- Suddenly There is God and Living Resurrected Lives  (co-authored by my daughter, Eva Natanya, PhD) -- or about my two books on the Revelations of Julian of Norwich – please visit my website: Blessings to all!


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