How LitePink CEO Lori Harder Is Building A Rosé Seltzer Empire

33m · July 19, 2021

How LitePink CEO Lori Harder Is Building A Rosé Seltzer Empire

Today’s guest is Lori Harder, a self-made millionaire, bestselling author of A Tribe Called Bliss, and the top-rated podcast host of Earn Your Happy and co-host of Girlfriends & Business. She is also in the process of building a new empire as the founder and CEO of LitePink which is the best tasting low-calorie, low-sugar premium rosé wine seltzer, created to help you drink and connect better. Lori sheds some light on how growing up in a conservative religious community influenced her career path and helped her to realize that “Your environment is stronger than your willpower.” She explains how her career in the fitness industry, and then personal development, led her to her current venture. Discover how LitePink works and makes money, why they’re selling direct to the consumer, and how Lori has uniquely found investors that have something to offer beyond just money. Lori explains the company’s marketing strategy, the value of surveys, and why they are contracting out instead of hiring in. Hear about her continued work in retreats and masterminds, and her new podcast Girlfriends & Business. Tune in today for helpful advice on how to work with a spouse or partner, and create the right environment for your business to level up!  TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: [00:13] An Introduction to Lori Harder. [01:00] Lori’s career and background. How growing up in a small religious community led her to realize that environment is stronger than willpower.  [03:53] Lori’s background in the fitness world and how her desire to help people change led her to personal development. [05:52] How LitePink came about: How she wanted to help women connect with each other and create meaningful experiences.  [08:13] How Lori raised $2 million, completely female funded.  [08:31] The process of creating an “obsession-worthy” product. [10:19] How LitePink works and makes money: Selling direct to consumer, cutting out the distributor, going the e-commerce route, and using their investors’ own platforms. [12:49] The value of smaller influencers with smaller audiences.  [14:08] Insight into LitePink’s strategy and marketing avenues.  [15:48] Lori discusses her new podcast: Girlfriends in Business. [18:22] Lori’s role in hosting retreats and masterminds, and how she is shifting her career under the LitePink umbrella. [19:28] How Lori’s team is structured and why she has contracted a marketing company instead of hiring in-house.  [21:45] Importance of explaining your communication style, and being clear about your needs in business. [22:45] Mistakes to avoid when working with a partner or spouse. [26:57] The best business advice Lori can give: to have a specific conversation about how to communicate.  [28:36] Lori’s take on peer groups / Masterminds: They are the fastest ways to accelerate your business trajectory. [32:02] Lori’s favorite book and business tool. Resources From The Interview:   Lori Harder LitePink Lori Harder on Instagram LitePink on Instagram A Tribe Called Bliss    Lori Harder's Busy Girl Healthy Life Cookbook    Earn Your Happy Girlfriends & Business   Must read book: Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable     Leave Some Feedback:     What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review here Subscribe to Leveling Up on iTunes Get the non-iTunes RSS Feed     Connect with Eric Siu:      Growth Everywhere Single Grain Eric Siu on Twitter    


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